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Wheelchair bound man attends wedding of football player who caused his injuries

By Mason White 2:04 PM March 12, 2017
The bride, groom and Devon Gales (center)
The bride, groom and Devon Gales (center)
By: William Martin

A brave paralyzed man decided to forgive the man who caused his injuries and he showed his support by attending the man’s wedding.

The incident began when football player Marshall Morgan, collided with Devon Gales on the field during a football kickoff.

Gales was a wide receiver for Southern University and Morgan was a kicker for Georgia, when the tragic accident occurred in September 2015.

Gales suffered a fracture to his C6 vertebrae, which caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Instead of being angry over losing his ability to walk and living his dreams of being a football player, Gales decided to live happily.

He became close friends with the man who caused his life-altering injuries.

When Morgan recently got married in Georgia, Gales and his family were invited, and they attended the wedding.

Gales’ mother Tanisha Deans-Gales, posted photos of her son and their family attending the wedding on Facebook, and she wrote: “What a true blessing to be in the midst of such wonderful people.

“Although tragedy brought us together, love has kept us together and we have been tragically blessed to be a part of this family.

“Today, two best friends made the commitment to love each other for life, and I am so glad that they saw fit to have us share this precious moment with them! Congrats again Marshall and Maddie! Love ya Dana.”