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Teen asks arresting officer to escort her to bathroom to put on bra and orders father to take pictures

By Mason White 3:47 PM March 13, 2017
Josephine R. Garczynski
Josephine R. Garczynski
By: Mason White

A teen who was being arrested for armed robbery, had a bizarre request, asking her father to take pictures so she could post them on Facebook, according to police in Wisconsin.

The Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 18-year-old Josephine R. Garczynski, after being accused of luring a drug dealer to a location with the intent to rob him.

Garczynski has been charged with armed robbery as a party to a crime. If convicted, Garczynski faces up to 40 years in prison.

According to the police investigation, Garczynski chatted with a man she knew on Facebook, and arranged to meet him.

Once at the scene, the victim got into Garczynski’s car, where her boyfriend, Curtis Britton, 27, jumped into the back seat and held a gun to the man’s head.

He then grabbed the victim’s wallet and cell phone. Detectives were able to identify Garczynski through her Facebook name “Josephine King.”

Police later located her at her father’s house, where she told officers that she met someone she knew from Facebook the night before, and admitted that her plan was to meet the man and to steal his marijuana.

She stated that her intent was to sell the marijuana. When Garczynski was placed under arrest, she asked if she could put on her bra.

She asked the officers to accompany her to a bathroom in her father’s house, where she began to sing “Free Josephine.”

While officers were in the process of handcuffing Garczynski, She asked her father to take pictures of her. She said that she wanted to put the photos on Facebook.