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Man dresses as woman to fulfill his mother’s dream of having a daughter

By Mason White 4:23 PM March 14, 2017
Li Yinglai
Li Yinglai
By: Tanya Clark

A man who loves his mother, decided to dress as a woman to make her happy.

Li Yinglai of Kunming, China, said that his mother always wanted to have a daughter, but she had two sons and no daughters.

In order to fulfill his mother’s dream, the 74-year-old man dresses as a woman every time he visits his 96-year-old mother.

Yinglai seemed to enjoy the attention. He began dressing as a woman 14 years ago, and since then, he dances for tourists while he is dressed as a woman after visiting his mother.

The man collected pairs of wacky glasses, jewelry along with a full wardrobe of women’s clothing.

After visiting his mother, he heads to Green Lake Park, where he dances and poses for photos with fans and tourists.

Yinglai can dedicate his time to his mother as he never got married and he does not have children of his own.