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5-year-old kids under arrest for kicking flamingo to death at zoo

By Mason White 3:46 PM March 15, 2017
Flamingos (illustration)
Flamingos (illustration)
By: William Martin

Several young boys found themselves locked up in a police holding cell after being accused of causing the death of a bird at a zoo, according to police in the Czech Republic.

Vysocina police said that a witness saw the group of 5-year-old boys kicking two American flamingos at the Jihlava Zoo.

Both birds were repeatedly kicked and the boys used blunt objects to hit them. By the time the kids were caught abusing the birds, one flamingo was already dead.

The zoo’s vet believes that the second flamingo will probably die of its injuries. The attack has been recorded on the zoo’s security surveillance system.

Police received the footage and arrested the three boys who were seen on the video kicking the flamingos. During questioning, the boys admitted to assaulting the birds, but they did not give a motive.

The suspects did not show any remorse for what they did.

The boys are too young to face criminal charges, but the parents might be ordered to pay for the zoo the cost of the flamingos and its medical expenses.

Each flamingo cost about $2,000.