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Judge grants custody of 10-year-old boy to his two mothers and his father

By Mason White 5:35 PM March 15, 2017
By: Mason White

In a very unique case, a judge granted custody of a boy to three parents.

The lengthy custody battle began after couple in New York, invited their neighbor to have a threesome with them.

The two, who were identified as Michael M. and his wife Dawn M., had struggled to become pregnant. At one point, Dawn suffered a miscarriage.

When the couple met their neighbor, who was identified as Audria, they invited her to live with them and they were all intimate together.

During their sexual encounters, Audria became pregnant with Michael’s baby. Dawn eventually moved out of the home with Audria and her son, and they continued the relationship without Michael.

Michael filed for divorce and for joint custody of the boy, who is now 10-years-old.

Meanwhile, Dawn, who also considers herself the boy’s mother because she has helped raise him since birth, wanted legal rights as a parent.

Suffolk County Supreme Court Judge Patrick Leis III awarded joint custody rights to Michael and to the boy’s two mothers Audria and Dawn.

The judge said that it is critical to the child’s well-being to have the father and both women in his life as he thinks of both Audria and Dawn as his mothers.

The judge pointed out that the couple made the decision to create this unique relationship.

“No one told these three people to create this unique relationship. Nor did anyone tell Michael to conceive a child with Audrai or to raise the child knowing two women as his mothers,” the judge said.

However, now that the boy is in this situation and he loves all three people, the judge believed that it was important to give Dawn legal rights so that nobody takes the boy out of her life.

This is the first time that a New York judge had given “tri-custody” to three adults.