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Restaurant worker severely injured after he was beaten for refusing to give man free pizza

By Mason White 5:01 PM March 15, 2017
Garret Peterson
Garret Peterson
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A restaurant manager is in a coma in a hospital after he was beaten by an angry man who wanted free food.

33-year-old Garret Peterson of California, was known for being a kindhearted man,for being loyal to his customers and to homeless people.

However, he is no longer at his job as he suffered severe head injuries when he was attacked outside of the Thunder Burgrz Pizza at Huntington Beach, by a man who wanted free pizza.

The suspect and his friend waited outside of the restaurant, and when Peterson came out, they attacked him.

Police have arrested 21-year-old Bryce Mezich and 22-year-old Austin Callan on charges of assault over the vicious attack.

According to a GoFundMe page that was set up by his roommate Katelin Ran, Peterson underwent emergency brain surgery at the Hoag hospital.

“Doctors were forced to remove a large piece of his skull and the rest of his brain is severely bruised and damaged.

“We are still waiting to see if he will wake up, if he does, he faces months and possibly years of rehabilitation and medical bills,” Ran wrote.