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Government officials warn man to stop removing dog feces from streets

By Mason White 4:55 PM March 16, 2017
Dogs playing in park (illustration)
Dogs playing in park (illustration)
By: Mason White

A man in the United Kingdom, cannot understand why government officials do not want him to clean up the streets free of charge.

48-year-old Steven Heard of Minehead, said that he began cleaning up the dog feces after they got stuck on the wheels of his mobility scooter.

Heard suffers from diabetes and is deaf. After asking dog owners to clean up after their dogs, Heard decided to take matters into his own hands.

He began picking up the dog feces and placing them in a bag.

This week, Heard was slapped with an ABC (acceptable behaviour contract) order, prohibiting from cleaning up the streets.

The order states that Heard cannot pick up dog feces, leave bags of dog feces on public property or place sign for dog owners to clean up after their pets.

If he violates the order, Heard faces arrest. Heard has been cleaning the streets for free for the past three years.

When Heard complained about the dirty streets, government officials told him that there wasn’t enough money to keep the city clean.

Heard then decided to clean the streets for free.