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Men record themselves feeding live cat to starving dog

By Mason White 4:48 PM March 16, 2017
Live cat being fed to hungry dog
Live cat being fed to hungry dog
By: Tanya Clark

A group of men sparked outrage in the United Arab Emirates, after recording themselves feeding a live cat to a starving dog.

The three men, who were not identified, were arrested on a charge of animal cruelty after being accused of starving the dog because it ate their food.

After the dog was starved for several days, the men captured a cat and fed it to the hungry dog. The men recorded themselves feeding the live act to the dog, and uploaded the video to the Internet, where it went viral.

The video was eventually forwarded to the police, and the men were arrested. In court, the men were sentenced to clean zoos for 4 hours every day for the next three months.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that the men were punished as their cruel act against animals goes against the teaching of Islam to be kind to God’s creations.

The video showed the men placing the cat in a cage and placing it near the starving dog. They then opened the cage, and when the poor cat walked out, it was attacked by the dog.

The dog then ate the cat alive.