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Two fish crawl into man’s stomach after stuffing them into his backside

By Mason White 4:52 PM March 16, 2017
Man holding fish (illustration)
Man holding fish (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A man who was too drunk to realize what he was doing to himself, stuffed two live fish into his backside, according to doctors in China.

The 45-year-old man of Guangzhou, who was not identified, was taken to the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, after suffering stomach pain.

When doctors looked into his stomach, they were shocked to see two fish. When the man was asked to explain how he had fish in his stomach, he said that it all happened after a night of drinking.

The man was very drunk when he stuffed two fish into his backside. The fish then crawled up his organs, and got stuck in his intestine.

The man was suffering from an infection, and doctors decided to remove the fish through surgery to prevent the patient from going into septic shock.

The man was also diagnosed with a perforated intestine. He was transferred to the hospital’s intensive care unit for further treatment.