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Firefighters use angle grinder to cut of titanium ring from man’s private parts following 7 hour sex session

By Mason White 5:51 PM March 19, 2017
Ring on finger (illustration)
Ring on finger (illustration)
By: William Martin

A man who had sex for more than 7 hours, was rushed to the emergency room after a ring got stuck on his private parts, according to doctors in Ireland.

The Dublin Fire Brigade said that they were called to the emergency department at the Mater University Hospital, after the man, who was not identified, suffered from a swollen manhood and scrotum.

The man told doctors that he forced a titanium ring onto his manhood because he wanted his sex session to last for many hours.

After having sex for seven hours, the man’s private parts began to hurt and became swollen. Doctors placed ice on his private parts, but the swelling did not go down.

The doctors then tried to use cutters to remove the ring, but the titanium did not crack. Doctor then called the fire department, and firefighters used heavy equipment to remove the ring.

It took 20 minutes of cutting with an angle grinder to remove the ring. Doctors poured cold water on the man’s private parts as firefighters cut the ring in order to keep it cool.

As soon as the ring was off, the man regained his feeling in his manhood. The man completely recovered after a month.