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British man falls to his death while urinating on a balcony in Thailand

By Mason White 4:43 PM March 19, 2017
Stuart Railton
Stuart Railton
By: William Martin

A man from the United Kingdom, who was in Thailand, he fell to his death.

Police were called to a home at about 4:45 a.m. on Wednesday, after a security guard found the man lying unconscious.

Emergency workers declared 54-year-old Stuart Railton dead at the scene.

Railton had returned home from a karaoke bar in Udon Thani, when he went on his balcony, where investigators found many empty bottles of beer.

Police believe that Railton, who was an accountant for the Lancashire police, lost his balance as he urinated and fell over the ledge of the balcony while he was drunk.

A security guard reported hearing a loud noise and thought a sign fell off from the building. However, upon investigation, the security guard found Railton on the ground.

He suffered a fractured skull and neck.