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Judge calls police after stripper agreed to sell her baby but backed out of deal and kept the money

By Mason White 10:45 AM March 19, 2017
Keanaendigo James
Keanaendigo James
By: Emily Lewis

A woman filed a small claims case to get money back in a baby sale that went wrong.

22-year-old Keanaendigo James of Pennsylvania, is facing charges theft and dealing in infant children after she took $1,700 from a woman who agreed to buy her baby.

According to police, the woman filed a civil suit in the office of District Judge Allen P. Page III, and she was seeking the return of her $1,700 after James failed to hand over the baby.

James did not have a defense, and she admitted to the judge that she owed the woman $1,700. She agreed to a judgment against her for that amount.

However, when the judge asked why the woman handed over
$1,700 to James, he learned that the money was for the sale of the baby.

The judge immediately contacted officials.

James said that she was acting in the best interest of her daughter when she signed a notarized agreement to hand over her baby to the woman after birth.

However, James took the money, but she never handed over the baby to the woman. Instead, she handed over the baby to her biological father.

Police confirmed that they baby is safe and is being cared for by her father.

James, who worked as a dancer in a men’s clubs in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and in Camden, New Jersey, managed to get away before police were able to arrest her.

Officers are looking for the mother and are asking people to call them if they see the dancer.