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Father kills his 18-month-old son and injures his twin sister because they were white

By Mason White 5:46 PM March 20, 2017
Bidhya Sagar Das and Cristinela Datcu
Bidhya Sagar Das and Cristinela Datcu
By: William Martin

A man who lives in the United Kingdom, killed his son and injured his daughter because he thought they were too white to be his children.

The incident began while the children’s mother was taking a shower and their father was looking after them.

When Cristinela Datcu came out of the shower, she did not find her boyfriend or her one-year-old twins.

She ran outside of the home and asked neighbors for help in locating them. Sadly, she found that her children have been beaten with a hammer.

The children were rushed to a hospital, where the boy named Gabriel died, and his twin sister Maria was in a critical condition.

Police were called to the couple’s home on Wilberforce Road in London. Police searched for the father, 33-year-old Bidhya Sagar Das, who is originally from India.

Das was missing for 20 hours before police located him, and he was arrested on charges of murder and attempted murder.

A friend of the kids’ mother said that she repeatedly asked Datcu to leave Das.

The friend said that Das, who was a night receptionist at a budget hotel where Datcu worked as a maid, questioned whether he was the father of the twins because they were both white.

“I told her to leave him. I told her he was no good for her, but she wouldn’t listen,” the friend said.

The friend who knows Datcu from their hometown in Romania, said that Datcu would respond: “I know what I have to do” and she stayed with him.

The two had planned to get married one day.