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Female Harvard Law School administrators use money earmarked for students with disabilities to buy sex toys

By Mason White 4:13 PM March 20, 2017
Meg DeMarco (left) and Darris Saylors
Meg DeMarco (left) and Darris Saylors
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Two college administrators admitted to embezzling funds earmarked for disabled students, and used the cash to buy electronics and sex toys, according to police in Massachusetts.

Harvard University police said that they have arrested Meg DeMarco, 33, and Darris Saylors, 32, after being accused of stealing about $110,000 and used the cash to buy electronics and toys for themselves.

According to the police investigation, DeMarco worked as the Director of Student Affairs at the Law School, while Saylors worked as a manager of student programs at the Law School.

During an internal audit, officials of the Harvard Law School noticed discrepancies. When DeMarco and Saylors were confronted, the two resigned from their positions.

The two women now work at other colleges. DeMarco apologized for making a mistake. Both women have been charged with two counts of larceny over $250.

Saylors has also been charged with two counts of false entry into corporate books, uttering a false writing and forgery of a document in connection with an alleged theft.

The District Attorney said that the audit conducted by a Harvard University finance officer, uncovered alleged discrepancies in spending on school-issued credit cards and with internal billing codes.

Harvard University Police began an investigation into the unaccounted purchases and allegedly traced them back to the two Harvard Law School employees.

The investigation revealed that the Saylors had allegedly been using a Harvard University credit card to make purchases for items such as laptops, iPods and iPads for personal use through online websites like Amazon.

The defendant would then allegedly enter false reasons for the expenses into a spreadsheet to account for her spending to conceal the unauthorized purchases.

The defendant would also allegedly use internal billing codes to purchase technology equipment that purported to be for Harvard Law School, but instead, was actually appropriated for personal use.

The total amount of funds allegedly syphoned from Harvard Law School by Saylors is believed to be approximately $47,793 with the rest stolen by DeMarco.