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Teenager mauled by crocodile after jumping into infested water to impress girl

By Mason White 4:59 PM March 21, 2017
Lee De Pauuw
Lee De Pauuw
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A teenager was left with scars for life after trying to impress a woman.

18-year-old Lee De Pauuw of Australia, was hanging out with his friends and drinking beer when they met a backpacker.

He was smitten with the British backpacker Sophie Paterson, and he decided to do something to impress her.

However, alcohol and love clouded his judgement when he decided to jump into a crocodile infested river in Queensland.

Paterson watched as De Pauuw jumped into the river that has a sign warning people to stay away because of the danger of crocodiles.

As soon as he reached the water, a crocodile grabbed hold of De Pauuw and almost ripped off his arm. He punched the crocodile several times, as it was attempting to pull him underwater.

After a few minutes, De Pauuw managed to punch the crocodile in the eye and it let go of his arm, but not before causing significant damage.

De Pauuw was rushed to a hospital, where he is being treated. Paterson said that he is looking forward to being released so that he can go out with Paterson again.

Paterson said that the incident unfolded in front of her like a horror movie.