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Two illegal immigrant teens gang rape 14-year-old girl in Maryland school bathroom

By Mason White 2:02 PM March 21, 2017
Henry Sanchez Milian
Henry Sanchez Milian
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Two teenagers who entered the United States illegally through Mexico, pushed a young girl into a boys bathroom, where they gang raped her, according to police in Maryland.

The Montgomery County Police Department said that they have arrested 17-year-old Jose Montano and 18-year-old Henry Sanchez Milian, after being accused of raping the 14-year-old girl at the Rockville High School.

Sanchez Milian is native of Guatemala, while Montano came from El Salvador. U.S. Customs and Immigration confirmed that both teens entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico.

Both teens had been scheduled to be deported, but they somehow ended up enrolling and attending the Rockville High School.

Both suspects are being charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense. The suspects were ordered to be held without bond.

According to the police investigation, the rape occurred at the school during school hours on Thursday.

School administrators notified the Montgomery County Police that a juvenile female student reported to them that she had been sexually assaulted in a boys bathroom by two male students.

Detectives were notified of this report and began an investigation.

Police have determined that at approximately 9:00 a.m., the victim was walking in a school hallway when she met two male students, identified as Montano and Sanchez.

Montano asked the victim to walk with him and Sanchez.

Montano asked the victim to engage in sexual intercourse.

She refused. Montano asked the victim again, and then forced her into a boys bathroom, and then into a stall. Montano and Sanchez both raped the victim inside the bathroom stall.

Montano and Sanchez were arrested on school property by investigators. They were transported to the Central Processing Unit.