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Hitman takes his former classmate out on date so he can kill her after receiving $1,500 to get rid of her

By Mason White 1:14 PM March 22, 2017
David Galindo and Rose Marie Hunt
David Galindo and Rose Marie Hunt
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A woman was brutally killed by her former classmate who was paid to get rid of her.

21-year-old Rose Marie Hunt of Texas, was eight months pregnant and counting down to the day when she will be giving birth to her baby.

One day, she was contacted by her former high school friend, David Galindo, through social media. He invited Hunt out for a date and she agreed to go, Lt. Steve Dorris of the Baytown Police Department said.

At the end of their date, as Galindo drove around with Hunt, he pulled out a gun and shot her once in the back of her head. He then dumped her body and he drove away.

Police began investigating Galindo, as he was the last one to see her alive. During their investigation, detectives learned that Galindo received $1,500 to kill Hunt and her baby.

He used the money to buy a cheap laptop and other small stuff.
Police traced the money back to Derick Metcalf, who was the father of Hunt’s unborn child.

After Galindo was arrested and confessed to the murder, police discovered that his 18-year-old girlfriend, Daizy Costello, was present when her boyfriend was hired to kill Hunt, and she helped him plan the murder.

Police arrested Galindo, his girlfriend Costello and Metcalf.All three were charged with capital murder.

In Texas, this charge can carry a punishment of life in prison or the death penalty.