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Man wins $3,000 payout for falsely being detained by police for four minutes

By Mason White 4:40 PM March 23, 2017
Police (illustration)
Police (illustration)
By: Mason White

A man in Australia, sued the police department and won a payout after he was detained for just over four minutes.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

The video evidence helped the man win $3,201 in his lawsuit against police for false imprisonment.

The court in Sydney, heard that the man was waiting for a train when police accused him of having a stolen train card, which is known as an Opal card.

The man was holding a pensioner concession card, which is a discounted train card for elderly people and for those with disabilities.

Officer stopped 24-year-old Sam Le, who looked healthy and fit,
and demanded he hand over his Opal card along with his ID.

Le handed over the train card, which had all of his information, but it did not have a photo of him.

Officers then asked Le for his driver’s license to confirm his identity and to prove that he did not steal the card.

Le, who was waiting for the train at the Liverpool railway station, said that since he is not in a car he should not have to hand over his driver’s license.

He offered to verbally give officers his information, to prove who he was.

The officers then called into their office to confirm Le’s identity. Meanwhile, his train arrived and Le asked the officers to give him back his card so that he can leave.

When the officers refused, Le asked if he was under arrest, to which they replied that he was not under arrest, but that he was being detained while they verified his identity.

After 4 minutes and 15 seconds, Le was freed to go. In court, Le presented the video along with proof that he is on disability.

NSW District Judge Matthew Dicker rejected Le’s claim that he was “humiliated, intimidated and put in fear,” and he believed that the officers did not discriminate against Mr. Le because of his heritage.

However, the judge found that forcing Mr. Le to wait over four minutes, amounted to false imprisonment.