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Gang member from El Salvador rapes 2-year-old girl in New York after being deported 4 times

By Mason White 1:57 PM March 24, 2017
Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura
Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) An illegal immigrant from El Salvador, who was deported from the United States four times, raped a 2-year-old girl and stabbed her mother, according to police in New York.

Hempstead police said that they have arrested 31-year-old Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura, after being accused of raping the girl and stabbing two women, following a marijuana deal that went wrong.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Alvarado-Ventura of 590 Fulton Avenue, was present at the home that he shares with his girlfriend.

At that time, Alvarado-Ventura was home with his girl friend’s two-year-old daughter, four-year-old son and another tenant of the apartment who was in charge of watching the children while the mother was at work.

Alvarado-Ventura remained at the home until approximately 12:30 a.m., Wednesday, at which time the 2-year-old girl was heard crying.

After departing, Alvarado-Ventura headed to El Mariachi Loco bar at 277 Fulton Avenue, which is a short distance away.

While at that location, at approximately 2:20 a.m., he became involved in an argument with a 24-year-old woman over the purchase of marijuana.

The woman left the bar and was confronted by Alvarado-Ventura in the rear parking lot, where he began punching and kicking her.

He produced a knife and stabbed the victim multiple times, causing her to sustain a collapsed lung.

Alvarado-Ventura fled the scene prior to police arrival and the victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Alvarado-Ventura returned to his residence at approximately 3:15 a.m., and at 4:15 a.m., when his girl friend returned home from work, a confrontation occurred after she observed that her two-year-old daughter has suffered severe injuries that were inflicted by him.

The argument escalated. Alvarado-Ventura then punched the victim, and pulled a knife. He then stabbed her multiple times.

Despite her injuries, the victim was able to gather her children, leave the room and join the babysitter who resided in another area of the apartment.

The police were then contacted, and upon Hempstead Police arrival, Alvarado-Ventura, who had since fallen asleep, was placed under arrest without further incident.

The victim, who sustained multiple stab wounds, along with the two-year-old girl, who was suffering from asexual assault committed by Alvarado-Ventura, were transported to an area hospital, where they were admitted for treatment.

Alvarado-Ventura is charged with predatory sexual assault of a child, attempted murder in the 2nd degree, two counts of assault in the 1st degree, assault in the 2nd degree, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the 3rd degree and assault in the 3rd degree.

Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura was a member of the MS-13 Gang. His criminal history includes drunk driving, assault, false impersonation and contempt of court.