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Doctor suffers broken ribs after getting bear hug from colleague

By Mason White 4:12 PM March 26, 2017
Madhukar Gaikwad (L) and Amit Badwe
Madhukar Gaikwad (L) and Amit Badwe
By: Alexis Bell

A doctor in India, suffered injuries after getting a hug from a friend he had not seen a long time.

Doctor Madhukar Gaikwad, 35, of Mumbai, suffered three broken ribs while getting a bear hug from his friend, Dr. Amit Badwe, 35, of Ahmednagar.

Gaikwad said that he and his colleague studied together at the Government Medical College & Hospital in Aurangabad, where they both graduated with medical degrees.

Gaikwad became the superintendent of the Fort’s St George’s Hospital, while Badwe opened a private clinic in Ahmednagar.

Badwe also pursued his passion for bodybuilding. The two did not see each other since college, but they kept in touch. Last week, Badwe decided to surprise his friend and visit Gaikwad at the hospital.

When Badwe saw Gaikwad, he became very excited and gave him a strong hug. Gaikwad immediately knew that something was not right as he heard a cracking sound.

Gaikwad then suffered extreme pain. He took X-rays, which showed that he suffered three broken ribs. Badwe was mortified by the injuries he caused his friend.

Badwe is now calling his friend every day to check up on his condition. Gaikwad was ordered to rest in bed for 15 days.