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Lawyer suffers head injuries after falling from fourth floor window while trying to hoist Jacuzzi with rope

By Mason White 4:15 PM March 26, 2017
Attorney Nikolai Gorokhov
Attorney Nikolai Gorokhov
By: Mason White

A lawyer in Russia, suffered severe head injuries while trying to hoist a bathtub into his fourth floor apartment.

Attorney Nikolai Gorokhov of Troitsk, ordered an expensive Jacuzzi for his home.

When it arrived, the workers of the company that sold the Jacuzzi offered to carry up the tub to the fourth floor, but the lawyer insisted on hosting it up.

Gorokhov used a rope to lift the Jacuzzi to the window of his apartment. At some point, the rope snapped, causing Gorokhov to tumble to the ground along with the Jacuzzi.

Gorokhov suffered severe head injuries, but he is expected to recover.

Gorokhov’s colleague, Bill Browder, claimed that the lawyer was thrown from the window as he was due to testify in court in a corruption case against government officials.

Browder offered no evidence to back up his claim. Witnesses at the scene confirmed that the fall was an accident.