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3-year-old boy gets stuck in claw machine after trying to get 2 dragons

By Mason White 4:10 PM March 26, 2017
Jamie Bracken-Murphy inside claw machine
Jamie Bracken-Murphy inside claw machine
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A young boy got stuck in a claw machine after he was desperately trying to get stuffed animals, according to firefighters in Ireland.

Firefighters in Nenagh, said that they called to the scene at the Jump ‘n’ Gyms play center, where the 3-year-old boy became stuck inside the claw machine.

35-year-old Damien Murphy said that his 3-year-old son Jamie Bracken-Murphy, was playing at the center when he spotted the claw machine.

He very much wanted two green dragons in the machine, and decided to crawl inside to retrieve them. However, when he wanted to get out of the machine, he realized that he was trapped.

Murphy was watching his other son Shane, 5, when he heard Jamie making weird sounds. The father turned around and saw Jamie looking at him from behind the glass of the claw machine.

Staff members looked for the key to the machine for 10 minutes, and when they could not find it, firefighters decided to help.

The firefighters instructed the little boy to wiggle himself out of the machine, and Jamie managed to emerge along with his two favorite dragons.

Staff at the Jump ‘n’ Gyms allowed the boy to keep the dragons.

The father uploaded a video of the incident to Facebook, where it went viral.