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Man who drank 18 cans of beer steals neighbor’s panties and hangs them on tree

By Mason White 4:04 PM March 26, 2017
Panties (illustration)
Panties (illustration)
By: William Martin

A man stole his neighbor’s panties after drinking many cans of beer, according to police in Ireland.

Derry police said that have arrested 28-year-old Ronan Gillen, after being accused of entering his neighbor’s apartment many times and stealing her underwear.

In court, Gillen has been convicted of trespassing. Gillen has been sentenced to serve 8 months in jail at the Derry Crown Court.

Judge Philip Babington suspended the sentence for two years.

According to the criminal complaint, Gillen entered the woman’s home numerous times even when she was home. When the woman told him to leave, he left.

One day, Gillen drank 18 cans of beer and entered his neighbor’s home by pushing open the door. The woman quickly hid under her bed because she was frightened.

Gillen went into her bedroom and took three pairs of panties, which she bought earlier that day. The woman called her boyfriend, but Gillen left before he arrived.

A neighbor later found the three panties hanging from a tree.

Gillen admitted to acting creepy because he was drunk.