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Man pours acid on girlfriend and sets her on fire for sharing photo of dog with ex-boyfriend

By Mason White 12:41 PM March 27, 2017
Yekaterina M. her boyfriend (insert)
Yekaterina M. her boyfriend (insert)
By: Mason White

A woman shared a photo of herself as her entire body was covered in bandages at the hospital after suffering horrific burns.

24-year-old Yekaterina M. of Russia, said that she was attacked with acid by her boyfriend of a few weeks named Vyacheslav.

Yekaterina said that her jealous boyfriend poured acid on her and set her on fire with a lighter. The attack occurred in the bathroom of their home in Moscow.

The victim said that she attempted to remove her burning clothes, but her boyfriend prevented her from doing so.

After suffering terrible burns, the man finally turned on the shower and allowed her to put out the flames, Yekaterina said.

Vyatcheslav then allegedly kept her on the ground and did not allow her to seek medical treatment for two hours.

When she finally got to the hospital, Yekaterina was treated, and was covered in bandages over her head, face, chest and arms.

Yekaterina told police that the incident began when she was hanging out with friends and she took a photo of her pet dog sitting in the oven door.

Yekaterina co-owned the dog with her ex-boyfriend.

Yekaterina said that Vyatcheslav told her not to share the cute photo with her ex-boyfriend.

However, Yekaterina admitted that she did send the photo to her ex-boyfriend.

When Vyatcheslav discovered that she sent the photo, he became furious and gave her five minutes to leave the home.

Yekaterina told police that when she refused to leave without her dog, he attacked her. Yekaterina, who dumped Vyatcheslav after the incident, is expected to make a full recovery.

However, she may have permanent scars.

Police took Vyatcheslav in for questioning. He faces serious charges over the incident.