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11-year-old girl receives police citation for walking on neighbors’ yards on way to school bus

By Mason White 3:39 PM March 27, 2017
Autumn Blanchard and her mother
Autumn Blanchard and her mother
By: William Martin

A mother of Massachusetts, was shocked when her daughter received a citation for walking on neighbors’ yards as a shortcut to get to her school bus.

The girl was given a no-trespass order, which warns her to stay away from her neighbors’ yards.

According to the notice, 11-year-old Autumn Blanchard could be arrested and sentenced to 30 days in prison and/or face a $100 fine if she steps onto the properties listed in the no-trespass order.

Krystal Blanchard said that she had no idea that her neighbors had issues with her daughter walking on their properties until
officers from the Harwich Police Department came to her home.

Blanchard explained that she had asked school officials for the bus to stop closer to her family’s rental home, but her daughter was not accommodated.

Harwich Police Chief David Guillemette admits that police should have met Blanchard to discuss the trespassing issue before going to this extreme.

However, he also pointed out that her neighbors spoke with Autumn and repeatedly asked her not to walk on their properties.

When the girl ignored their pleas, the families went to school officials.

The school principal and a resource officer said that they also spoke with Autumn about the situation before police were involved.

However, nobody contacted her mother over the concerns.

At first, Blanchard, who is new to the area, thought that she and her daughter were discriminated against because her daughter’s hair is several colors and she has pink hair and piercings including several on her lips.

The neighbors rejected this claim. One neighbor said that she had been sued by another family after a child fell on her property.

The woman said that she felt she had to take action to protect herself when she saw Autumn climbing over a fallen tree.