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Dog dies of blood infection after eating corn on the cob while walking with its owner

By Mason White 5:31 PM March 28, 2017
By: Alexis Bell

A woman’s puppy died after eating a corn on the cob, which caused the dog’s intestines to be ripped to shreds, according to vets in the United Kingdom.

46-year-old Joanne Palmer of Chester, is warning dog owners to be vigilant when they go out on walks.

Palmer walked her dog Saffy, and when she did not look, the puppy ate a corn on the cob. A few days later, the dog began vomiting and was sick.

Saffy was taken to the vet, and initially, it was thought that the puppy had been poisoned. However, X-rays showed that the dog had a corn on the cob stuck in its intestines.

The dog was rushed to the operating room, and the corn was removed, but the damage was already done. The corn forced its way through the dog’s intestines, and ripped the insides to shreds.

The dog contracted a blood infection and died.

Palmer and her husband, Johnny, 42, shared their story on Facebook to warn other dog owners to make sure their pets do not eat corn on the cob.

“So got the phone call today from the doggy hospital, confirming that Saffy’s death was a result of eating the corn on the cob, the core of which is very abrasive if swallowed.

“It managed to travel through to her large intestine and basically cut her inside, leading to severe septicaemia. I am posting this to make all my friends with dogs aware how dangerous corn can be to dogs.

“There are fields locally that a lot of dog walkers go as they are public, which have or have had corn in them, which is where Saffy probably picked it up. Had we only known! Please feel free to share this with any friends who have dogs,” Palmer wrote on Facebook.

The post went viral, getting more than 26,000 shares.