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Mother thanks police officer for arresting her underage daughter during spring break

By Mason White 2:47 PM March 28, 2017
By: Emily Lewis

A police officer in Florida, was surprised to receive a letter from a mother, thanking him for arresting her daughter.

The Walton County police officer posted the letter to Facebook, where it went viral.

The mother wrote that officers allowed her daughter to call her after she was arrested for underage drinking when she was caught with an open beer at a beach in Florida, where she was spending time with her friends during spring break.

The mother was also very grateful that officers assured her that they will see to it that her daughter gets back home safely.

Sheriff Michael Adkinson Jr., shared the letter which read:

“In this day, cops are getting a bad rap. So, I wanted to say thank you.

“Yesterday, my daughter was one of the thousands of spoiled spring breakers ‘living it up’ on the beach.

“She got arrested for underage drinking. She was holding a can of beer on the beach. A stupid move that I warned her about before she left, but I’m just her mother, so ‘in one ear and out the other.’

“The arrest scared the hell out of her and I’m hoping she learned her lesson.

“The reason that I am sending this is that every officer that I talked to or that I could hear in the background talking to her was so nice! Firm, but nice.

“I’m sure each one was rolling their eyes when my daughter said ‘Can you talk to my mom?’ but each and every officer was respectful and assured me she would get back to her house safely.

“For a mom hundreds of miles away, that was very reassuring. I know you all have to deal with this on a daily basis, which must be completely annoying and I’m very sorry my daughter added to your workload yesterday.

“They say you always have one child that makes you go grey early and she is mine! Thank you for saving me a few more grey hairs last night.”

Many people praised the mother over her actions.

Sandy Kaps wrote: “God Bless this mother. So many parents would rather back their spoiled babies than the police who save their lives.”

Pat Maud Brown wrote: “a great mom to have. she loves her daughter and has respect for the police.”