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Boy expelled from school for having long hair in honor of grandfather who was expelled for same reason 50 years ago

By Mason White 3:14 PM March 28, 2017
James and his grandparents
James and his grandparents
By: Alexis Bell

A mother took her son’s school to court after he was expelled for having long hair.

Heidi Hunt of Australia, said that her son James is a straight A student at the prestigious Auckland Grammar School.

However, the 11-year-old boy was expelled from school over the length of his hair. The school ordered the boy “to cut his hair or find a different school.”

James wears his blonde hair down to his shoulders in memory of his late grandfather Paul Hunt, who was expelled from school for wearing his black hair down to his shoulders.

Hunt decided to sue the school in order to change this policy, which is apparently over 50 years old.

Grandmother Anne Hunt said that to her grandson’s hair is important to him “because it connects him to the grandfather he never got to meet.”

Hunt said that the boy would be devastated if he had to cut his hair as “it’s his identity.”

According to Hunt, another boy sued the school over the length of his hair and he won the case.

Ministry of Education spokesperson Katrina Casey said that the Board of Trustees have the power to set and enforce school rules on matters such as uniforms and appearance, including the length of students’ hair.

However, Justice David Collins ruled that schools have to give “very careful consideration” as to whether those rules breach the students’ rights to “autonomy, individual dignity and rights to freedom of expression according to article s14 of the Bill of Human Rights Act.”