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Girl dies after getting pinned under log she was standing on to take selfie at beach

By Mason White 2:42 PM March 28, 2017
 Aurora Genai Sheffel
Aurora Genai Sheffel
By: Tanya Clark

A teenager lost her life in a freak accident while having a good time with her friends at a beach.

The high school cheerleader was taking selfies with her friends on the beach during spring break when she lost her life.

14-year-old Aurora Genai Sheffel of Eugene, Oregon, was standing on a log with two of her friends when it suddenly began rolling into the water.

Sheffel’s stepfather David Wederquist, said that the other two girls managed to jump off and get to safety, but Sheffel was not so lucky.

The log rolled on top of Sheffel, trapping her underwater. Witnesses rushed to her aid, and they removed the wet piece of wood.

Sheffel was taken to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

According to the “Aurora Genai Final Expenses” GoFundMe page, she is survived by her 2-year-old brother, five-year-old sister and her 13-year-old brother.

Aurora also has two half-siblings, who are 4 and 6 years old, and two sets of parents “who loved her very much and who were never ‘step,’” her aunt wrote on GoFundMe.