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Construction worker takes pictures of injury after shooting himself in the groin with nail gun

By Mason White 5:33 PM March 28, 2017
Sam Rees shoots nail into groin
Sam Rees shoots nail into groin
By: Mason White

A young construction worker in the United Kingdom, took photos of his injury after shooting himself with a nail gun instead of getting help.

22-year-old Sam Rees, who works for the MLBC LTD construction company owned by 30-year-old Mathew Meagher, was handling a nail gun when the accident happened.

Rees of Port Talbot, was trying to shoot a nail into a piece of wood and aimed the nail gun towards his body. Rees misfired the gun and the 3 inch long nail shot into his groin.

Doctors said that Rees was smart for not pulling the nail out by himself as he would have bled to death. Before going to the emergency room, Rees took photos of his injury and uploaded them to Facebook.

Rees underwent surgery at the hospital, and made a full recovery. The nail missed a main artery by less than a half an inch.