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Coca-Cola finds human feces in cans during filling process at plant

By Mason White 7:02 PM March 29, 2017
Coca-Cola cans (illustration)
Coca-Cola cans (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

Coca-Cola announced that it has stopped production at a plant in Ireland, after employees found human feces in several cans.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said that they have launched an investigation into how human feces ended up in the cans that were about to filled in the Coca-Cola plant in Lisburn.

The company assured consumers that the contaminated cans were not sold to the public. Production was stopped for many hours, and employees completely cleaned all the machines.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola called it an isolated incident, and said that this will have no impact on supply. The cans originated from Germany.

Some believe that immigrants hid in the trucks delivering the cans to the Coca-cola plant, and decided to defecate into the cans during the long journey.