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Restaurant employee writes weird freak on receipt of woman who bought small portion of eggs

By Mason White 7:04 PM March 29, 2017
Weird freak written on woman’s receipt
Weird freak written on woman’s receipt
By: Emily Lewis

A husband in the United Kingdom, was shocked to see that a restaurant worker ridiculed his wife for ordering a small portion of eggs for breakfast.

Steve Dempster of Harrogate, said that his wife and 11-month-old son recently went to the Weetons cafe, where she ordered food for herself and the child.

Dempster, who is a scientist, revealed that his wife used to work at the restaurant and knew that she could order something that was not on the menu by making a direct request with the chef.

When she told the employee, identified as Sarah, behind the counter that she wanted a special order of a small portion of tomato omelet and orange juice, Sarah laughed and told her to order a regular size.

The mother then explained that her son just began eating and he would not consume a large egg. A few minutes later, she saw several employees laughing so she asked for her receipt.

She was then horrified to see that the employee wrote on the respect “egg and tomato for weird freak.” The mother quickly went home and gave the receipt to her husband who uploaded it on social media.

A spokesperson for the Weetons cafe apologized, and called it an isolated incident.