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Three masked teenagers killed by homeowner’s son after breaking into house

By Mason White 2:24 PM March 29, 2017
Left to right: Max Cook, Jaykob Woodruff and Jacob Redfearn
Left to right: Max Cook, Jaykob Woodruff and Jacob Redfearn
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Three teenagers are dead after they broke into a home while they were armed, and wearing masks and gloves.

Now, their female getaway driver and alleged mastermind behind the burglary, 23-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, was arrested on three counts of first-degree felony murder and burglary in the first degree.

Police in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, said that the three teenagers broke a window in the back of the home in order to gain entry.

The two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old teens went inside the home.

Police said that the teens were armed. One teen had a knife and another teen had brass knuckles. All three were wearing masks and gloves.

When the homeowner’s son, 21-year-old Zachary Peters, heard the burglars coming inside, he armed himself with his father’s gun.

When the teens came into the kitchen, Peters fired multiple shots, killing all three burglars. Police found two of the bodies in the family’s kitchen and the third teen collapsed and died in the driveway.

Wagoner County deputies said that Rodriguez turned herself in to police and she identified the teens as Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn, and Jaykob “Jake” Woodruff, so that their parents can be notified.

Rodriguez allegedly admitted to taking the teens to the home for the purpose of robbing the family.

Police said that Rodriguez knew the family, but they did not say much more.

Peters, who was not injured, and his father, also went to the police station to give their statements. So far, Peters has not been arrested as police said it appears that he was acting in self defense.