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15-year-old girl dies after shooting herself 3 times while playing Russian Roulette

By Mason White 5:58 PM March 30, 2017
Ana Julia Lima Clemente
Ana Julia Lima Clemente
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A girl died while playing Russian Roulette with her friend.

15-year-old Ana Julia Lima Clemente of Brazil, took her uncle’s revolver and began playing Russian Roulette next to her 14-year-old friend.

Clemente was at her home in Santa Catarina, when she held the gun to her head and pulled the trigger, and luckily, nothing happened.

She then tried her luck again, and pulled the trigger a second time. Once again, she was not injured.

Instead of being happy with her good fortune and ending the “game,” the teenager decided to take another chance, and shot herself once more.

When she pulled the trigger for the third time, she fell to the ground and died instantly.

Police chief Rafael Iasco said that Clemente was found lying on the ground with the pistol near her chest.

“We are still waiting for the results of the forensic tests, but the information we have at the moment points to this is a game that was fatally wrong,” said Iasco.

Police are looking for the uncle so they can question him over the gun after they found that the serial number had been scratched off.

Clemente’s aunt Assim, said that she was a very quiet girl who never got involved in dangerous games, and she was never depressed either.