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Boy finds sexually explicit photos of 10-year-old sister on neighbor’s computer

By Mason White 5:37 PM March 30, 2017
Joe Garza
Joe Garza
By: Mason White

A boy was horrified to find sexually explicit photos of his sister on his neighbor’s computer.

Authorities in Texas, said that the incident began when the boy’s computer broke.

He went to his neighbor, who is also a family friend, and asked to borrow his computer. 65-year-old Joe Garza, Jr. of Fort Worth, agreed to lend it to the boy.

According to the Fort Worth Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the boy opened a folder on the computer and saw sexually explicit photos of his sister.

The boy returned the device to Garza, and then he informed his mother that he found naked photos of his 10-year-old sister on the neighbor’s computer.

The mother asked her son to borrow the computer again so that she can see the proof. She then ordered her son to return the computer in order not to arouse his suspicion.

The mother texted Garza, and asked him to come over to talk. The victim’s mother then confronted him about the naked photos of her daughter.

Garza did not admit to any wrongdoing, but he allegedly said that he had a problem. Garza asked the mother not to call police and promised to stay away from her child.

The mother sent a text message to an older daughter, asking her to call police. Garza was still at the home when police arrived.

After he was arrested, it was discovered that he also had sexually explicit photos of the victim’s teenage sister. The teenager said that Garza gave her money and gifts when he molested her when she was 10-year-old. He also warned her not to tell her parents about the abuse.

The abuse of both girls lasted for about one year, police said.

Garza was charged with sexual abuse of two children and possessing child pornography. He is being held at the Tarrant County Jail, with bail set at $145,000.