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Judge frees rapist because the rape did not satisfy his sexual appetite

By Mason White 5:56 PM March 30, 2017
Judge Anuar Gonzalez and Diego Cruz
Judge Anuar Gonzalez and Diego Cruz
By: Mason White

A judge in Mexico, allowed a man to walk free after he sexually assaulted a girl because the suspect did not “satisfy his sexual appetite.”

People are calling for the judge to be suspended while prosecutors vowed to appeal his ruling.

The incident occurred when 21-year-old Diego Cruz and three of his friends of Veracruz, forced the 17-year-old victim into a car after she left from a party.

Cruz and his friends groped the victim’s breasts and they penetrated her private parts with their fingers. When the victim went to police, Cruz fled to Spain.

He was eventually extradited back to Mexico, where he went before a judge.

In a ruling which was made public this week, Judge Anuar Gonzalez said that although he touched the victim’s breasts and private parts, he had acted without “carnal intent” and therefore, he should be freed.

The ruling sparked outrage as people accused to judge of giving special treatment to the suspects because Cruz and his friends are all from wealthy families. The father of Cruz is a businessman and prominent member of his community.

Women’s rights activist Estefania Vela Barba, also expressed her outrage over the ruling. Barba said that regardless if the intent was sexual pleasure or to humiliate the victim, the result is the same, she was raped.