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Judge sentenced man to stand 7 days outside courthouse with sign reading ‘this is the face of domestic abuse’

By Mason White 5:49 PM March 30, 2017
Joshua Hill
Joshua Hill
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A judge sentenced a man to humiliation as a way to teach him a lesson in life.

The man of High Point, North Carolina, was arrested on a violation of probation.

He was initially arrested after a woman claimed that he placed his arm on her neck and pushed her.

36-year-old Joshua Hill said that he did not touch the woman with whom he had an argument. He said that he pleaded guilty to the charges only because he wanted to end the lengthy legal process.

After pleading guilty, he was sentenced to probation for 12 months, and he was ordered to stay away from the woman.

When he violated the order, Hill was arrested again. A judge sentenced him to three days in jail and seven days of humiliation.

Hill was ordered to stand outside of the courthouse for 4 hours a day for one week. He has to hold a sign that reads: “this is the face of domestic abuse.”

Hill said that while he says he is innocent, he learned from the experience not to confront anyone, but just walk away from an argument.