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Security guard discovers colleague’s dead body next to dead naked girlfriend

By Mason White 6:39 PM March 30, 2017
Security guard (illustration)
Security guard (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

Police launched an investigation after a security guard and his girlfriend were found dead in his home, according to police in Zimbabwe.

Masvingo police said that 44-year-old Godwin Sungai and Covay Tizira, were discovered by the security guard’s colleague after he failed to report for work.

The bodies were taken to the Gutu Mission Hospital for autopsies. Police suspect foul play.

According to the police investigation, Sungai worked as a security guard for Guard Alert. Sungai and his girlfriend were last scene alive 14 days before they were found dead.

37-year-old Robson Chiruvenge, who also works as a security guard for Guard Alert, became suspicious after his colleague failed to show up for work for so many days.

Chiruvenge tried reaching his colleague on his cellphone, but he got no answer. Chiruvenge rushed over to his colleague’s house, where he saw flies coming out of a window.

He broke down the front door, and found Sungai lying dead on the floor of a bedroom. Next to Sungai, was the body of his girlfriend, who was naked.

So far, no arrests have been made.