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Two teenagers killed by airplane wings while taking selfies at airport

By Mason White 5:45 PM March 30, 2017
Clarissa Morquecho Miranda (left) and Nitzia Mendoza Corral
Clarissa Morquecho Miranda (left) and Nitzia Mendoza Corral
By: Tanya Clark

Two teenagers of Mexico, were killed in a freak accident at an airport.

The teenagers had spend their day watching a horse race before they decided to head to a nearby airport the take selfies.

17-year old Clarissa Morquecho Miranda and 18-year-old Nitzia Mendoza Corral were standing in the back of a van while taking selfies and videos with their smartphones at the airport in Chihuahua.

The teens were in a noisy environment when they got distracted by their phones and they did not realize that a light aircraft was coming their way.

The teens were allegedly recording video at the time of their deaths. The video showed the airplane coming too close to the vehicle they were in.

The wing of the aircraft hit both teens in the head, causing them to die immediately.

Witnesses told police that the teens were asked to get away from the van as it was in an unsafe area, but they ignored the warnings.

Police are now investigating the incident. Detectives have not yet released the identity of the pilot or the reason the plane came so close to a vehicle while landing.