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Woman pulls gun on 7-Eleven employee for refusing to accept dirty old pennies

By Mason White 11:55 AM April 2, 2017
The suspect
The suspect
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A woman in Florida, became furious when a 7-Eleven employee refused to accept pennies as payment.

The Melbourne Police Department said that they received a call from the 7-Eleven regarding an armed disturbance.

Officers arrived at the 7-Eleven located at 1700 S. Babcock St. at 1:30 a.m. The store clerk told the officer how the suspect came with an “old dirty jar” filled with pennies, and she attempted to pay for items using the large amount of coins.

When the clerk told the woman that the amount of pennies “was too much for the store to take in,” she became furious.

The suspect became enraged, and began throwing and pushing items off of the counter and at the clerk. The clerk received minor injuries, which did not require medical attention.

Additionally, the suspect made threatening remarks that she was going to kill the clerk and then left the store. She then returned and brandished two firearms. She then indicated she was going to shoot the clerk.

The suspect fled in a white vehicle, possibly a Toyota Camry, before police arrived.

Store surveillance videos captured the incident. Police released photos of the suspect and her car. They are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the woman.