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Department of Transportation charges dead girl $3,000 for damaging highway guardrail that killed her

By Mason White 5:47 PM April 2, 2017
Hannah Eimers
Hannah Eimers
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A father in Tennessee, is extremely angry after receiving a bill from the Department of Transportation, charging his dead daughter for damaging a guardrail.

Late last year, 17-year-old Hannah Eimers of Loudon County, was driving her father’s car on Interstate 75, when it swerved and hit the guardrail.

Instead of pushing the vehicle back, the guardrail smashed throughout the vehicle and impaled the teen. She died instantly.

The type of guardrail that killed the teen has since been removed from the approved list of the Department of transportation.

Now, Steven Eimers was shocked to get a bill from the Department of Transportation. The letter requested a payment of about $3,000 for the damage to state property.

Steven expressed his anger, saying that he cannot understand why the government would force his daughter to pay for damaging something that killed her.

After going public with the story, the Department of Transportation called the charge and apologized to Steven.