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Female cop beaten by thug after she was afraid to shoot him over public backlash

By Mason White 12:08 PM April 2, 2017
The officer and Parta Huff
The officer and Parta Huff
By: Tanya Clark

A thug was arrested on charges of attempted murder after he beat up a female police officer who came to help him.

The incident occurred in Chicago, Illinois, when 28-year-old Parta Huff crashed his car into a liquor store.

Witnesses flagged down a police cruiser and two officers went to help him. As the female officer approached Huff, who was high on drugs, he became violent towards her.

Police released the graphic body cam video of the attack, which shows Huff slamming the officer’s head onto the concrete pavement and pulling chunks of hair from her head.

The other officer repeatedly Tasered Huff, but it did not work on him.

The officer who suffered a concussion, chipped bones in her shoulder, wrist and neck injuries, was rushed to a hospital, where she is recovering. The officer, who has not been named, said that she thought she was going to die during the incident.

However, according to police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the officer didn’t open fire because she was afraid of the backlash that she, her family and her police department would suffer if she shot and killed the man.

Huff was charged with attempted murder of a police officer and aggravated battery to a police officer.