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Man who won 15,000 stuffed animals from claw machines in 1 year gives them to sick kids as his house is too cluttered

By Mason White 3:43 PM April 3, 2017
Chen Zhitong with his plush toys
Chen Zhitong with his plush toys
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A man spoke of his obsession with winning plush toys from claw machines.

Chen Zhitong, 35, of China, might be the best at getting plush toys from claw machines.

Although Zhitong is a grown man, he still enjoys spending his time and money trying to get the stuffed animals from claw machines.

Zhitong said that sometimes when he goes to shopping malls in Xiamen to play, store owners offer to pay him for a meal with the agreement that he will not play their claw machines.

This is because Xiamen is so good at it that he wins toys almost every time and store owners lose money.

Xiamen explained that their are two types of claw machines “with one you can use your skills to get toys while the other kind is programmed so that no matter how good your skill is you are not going to win.”

Xiamen showed off his huge collection of plush toys as he revealed that last year alone, he managed to grab 15,000 toys from claw machines.

However, he began having a problem because his home was getting way too cluttered as he filled every empty space with all the kid’s toys he was winnings.

Xiamen decided to give the toys away to children. So far, he gave 1,000 plush toys to a school for the deaf and the blind.