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Mother devastated after ISIS told family to leave home before killing 17 family members

By Mason White 11:59 AM April 3, 2017
 ISIS terrorists (illustration)
ISIS terrorists (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A woman spoke of her heartbreak and devastation after losing 17 members of her family.

The mother said that she was at home with her extended family in Mosul, Iraq, when members of the ISIS terrorist organization entered their home.

The family was told to evacuate the home at 8:00 a.m., in order to avoid a deadly attack. The family complied with the orders and they went outside.

Once they were outside, the family members were told to stand in a line. The family believed that they were going to be rescued, but the murderers had other plans.

As the family was standing outside, a bomb exploded, killing 17 of them.

The mother and one of her sons survived. The mother lost her children and their spouses, their grandmother and her husband.

Her youngest son, who was just 3-years-old, was also killed. The bomb left the bodies unrecognizable.

“May God protect their bodies. I want to know which bodies are which. I don’t want anything else,” the devastated mother said.