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Man thrown out of restaurant for wearing pink ‘breast matters’ shirt in support of breast cancer

By Mason White 11:36 AM April 3, 2017
The T-shirt
The T-shirt
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man who was celebrating his father’s birthday, was removed from a restaurant by police.

Brian Studdard went from Atlanta, Georgia, to Birmingham, Alabama, to celebrate his father’s 99th birthday with family members.

Studdard chose to wear a pink shirt in support of his sister, who is a breast cancer survivor, and in memory of his friend who died of cancer.

The shirt is pink and has the worlds “breast matters” with some outlines that look like woman’s breasts.

During the birthday celebration, which was held at Niki’s West Steak and Seafood Restaurant, Studdard was told that his shirt was offensive and that he needed to change it.

The restaurant owner offered to give him another shirt, but Studdard refused to wear it. He offered to turn hi shirt inside out instead.

The owner was not satisfied with this solution, and police were called. Studdard was escorted out of the restaurant and he was warned that if he ever returned, he will be arrested for trespassing.

Many people took to Niki’s West Facebook page to criticize the restaurant and vowed to never return to eat there.

One person wrote: “Breast cancer is a killer. It’s never obscene to raise awareness, but it is obscene to kick out a customer for wearing a breast cancer awareness T-shirt.”

Another wrote: “A man wears a shirt of support for those who are battling breast cancer and you are offended. I will never visit your location again. I am offended by the ignorance of this establishment.

“While I can agree on modest attire policy, the fact remains it wasn’t offensive, and I’d bet if a woman came in wearing the exact t-shirt you’d support it.

“We as a country have become a nation of whiners and complainers, get over it! It was a shirt that raised money for cancer, the customer even tried to wear it inside out, which is more than most would’ve offered to do.”