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13-year-old boy shot dead by store clerk while trying to steal marijuana water pipe

By Mason White 2:55 PM April 4, 2017
Raad Sunna and Fabriccio Patti
Raad Sunna and Fabriccio Patti
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A boy was shot dead while he was trying to rob a store in Nevada.

Police released video surveillance of the shooting, which shows 13-year-old Fabriccio Patti and two friends, rushing into a store with their faces covered.

The store clerk of Lucky Cigars and Smokes in Las Vegas, told police that he feared for his life as he did not know if the teens were armed.

The 24-year-old store clerk, Raad Sunna, grabbed his gun and shot Patti seven times.

Surveillance footage shows Sunna firing his weapon from behind the counter before Patti collapsed and died.

His accomplices managed to run out of the store unharmed. Police later determined that Patti was not armed.

Although police initially said that he will not face any charges, Sunna was recently arrested on charges of murder.

The charges came after Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Karen Bennett reviewed store security videos and Sunna’s call to 911 after the incident. She determined that there was probable cause to charge the store clerk with murder.

However, defense attorney Dominic Gentile said that prosecutors did not prove that his client acted willfully or with malice before shooting Fabriccio.

An accomplice allegedly told police that he and Patti went to Lucky Cigars and Smokes to steal a marijuana water pipe.