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Bird steals ice cream from teenager holding cone while relaxing at beach

By Mason White 4:50 PM April 4, 2017
Bird stealing ice cream from Kris
Bird stealing ice cream from Kris
By: Alexis Bell

A hungry bird swooped in and stole ice cream from a teenager who was relaxing at a beach in California, according to a photo that was uploaded to the Internet.

20-year-old Kris from Santa Barbara, complained about the bird that stole her ice cream while she was trying to take a perfect selfie for her social media followers.

Kris was relaxing on the beach and was holding a cone containing chocolate ice cream. She held up the ice cream to the sky and took a photo of her food.

Moments later, the white bird swooped in and stole the scoop of ice cream. Luckily, Kris managed to take a photo of the thief, and uploaded it to Instagram, where it went viral.

The bird did not manage to eat the ice cream as it fell into the ocean. Kris was heartbroken to lose her ice cream, saying that this caused her spring break to be canceled.

Kris wrote: “If you want to have a nice laugh, you can laugh at my life. I give up on the aesthetic life because my ice cream just got swooped by a seagull and fell into the ocean. Goodbye, spring break canceled. My life is a meme.”

Kris expressed her disappointment on Twitter: “I can’t believe this happened y’all? RIP my ice cream.”