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Greedy woman kills sugar daddy after tying him up for sex game

By Mason White 12:36 PM April 5, 2017
Paula Romano and Julio Cesar Vittoria
Paula Romano and Julio Cesar Vittoria
By: Emily Lewis

A greedy woman will spend the rest of her life in prison after killing a wealthy man, who supported her.

The woman in Argentina, sent a text message to her wealthy boyfriend, telling him to get ready to have a good time.

34-year-old Paula Romano wrote in the message that she will tie him up for a sex game, according to court records.

During the sex game, Romano tied up 62-year-old Julio Cesar Vittoria, and she killed him. She then stole his money and fled from Buenos Aires.

The wealthy man’s son came to the home, where he found his father naked with his hands tied and a rope around his neck. Police found that Vittoria was stabbed 24 times.

Romano went into hiding to avoid being captured. However, police did not give up their search for her. She was finally captured after 15 months on the run.

The couple started their relationship in 2003, while Romano was working as a waitress in a bar that Vittoria owned.

The Buenos Aires court heard that Romano was only interested in Vittoria’s money, and she used him as a sugar daddy.

Prosecutors said that she took advantage of the trust and confidence that Vittoria had in her, and she killed him while he was in a vulnerable position.

Hospital records presented in court state that Romano was a “sex addict” and she had been diagnosed with a sex-related behavior disorder.

Doctors testified that Romano experiences rage attacks, uncontrollable impulse to be unfaithful, and she sometimes experienced “disgust and rejection” when having sex.

However, despite these issues, Romano was found guilty of the murder and she was sentenced to life in prison.