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Retired police officer collect $14,000 to help random Popeyes employee to pay for school

By Mason White 9:48 AM April 5, 2017
Donald Carter and Shajuana Mays
Donald Carter and Shajuana Mays
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A retired police officer is being hailed a hero for his kindness in helping a stranger pay for school to become a nurse.

Donald Carter, who was a Kansas City Police officer, said that he
launched a GoFundMe campaign for the Popeyes employee after meeting her for a short time at the drive-thru window at her job.

28-year-old Shajuana Mays was serving Carter late one night, and the two got into small talk.

“I notice the girl is obviously tired. So, I sympathize and relate my fatigue to hers. They are nowhere near the same. So I ask, ‘what do you do besides this?’” The officer said. “Nothing,” she said.

Carter wrote on GoFundMe: “Mays expressed her wishes to go to nursing school, but she did not have the means to do so.

“I could see she was so done with the fast food thing. Still, she was polite and respectful, far from the typical employee at this same location,” he wrote.

Carter said that while he was eating his fried chicken, he got an idea: “What if I got some friends together and we put this girl through school to get her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license?”

Although Carter did not know Mays and he has never seen her before, he decided to reach out to his 1,300 Facebook friends for help.

Carter said that the cost of the CNA course is about $1,500. He figured if he could get about 300 of his Facebook friends to donate $5 each: “we could do it no problem.”

People recommended that Carter set up a GoFundMe page. He did so and he named it “Send a Random Girl 2 Nursing School.”

A few days later, Carter went to Popeyes with some of his friends to give Mays the great news that kindhearted strangers came to her aid.

Carter was able to raise $14,800 which is more the double than his goal. Mays was overjoyed with the love and kindness from complete strangers who will allow her to better herself by going to nursing school.