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Woman forced to pay $500,000 for post she wrote on rival’s Facebook page

By Mason White 10:29 AM April 5, 2017
The settlement agreement
The settlement agreement
By: Tanya Clark

Two grown women got into a heated exchange over a Facebook post.

One woman said something so hurtful that she was forced to pay her rival $500,000.

The women of North Carolina, were friends and colleagues at one point, but they fell out over who should gain control over a local failing radio station.

Davyne Dial and another person were preparing to take over the station, when Hammond stepped up and made attempts to take over the station.

As the animosity grew, Dial made a Facebook post about the radio station.

Jacquelyn Hammond replied: “I didn’t get drunk and killed my kid.” These eight words cost her $500,000.

This comment was extremely hurtful to Dial because she lost her 11-year-old son in 1976 when he was killed in an accidental shooting while playing with another boy.

Dial filed a lawsuit against Hammond for defamation because the accusations were malicious and had no truth.

Hammond settled the case and she agreed to pay her former friend a total of $500,000.

On Wednesday, a Buncombe County Superior Court judge signed off on the settlement, in which Dial, who now works as a manager at the radio station, will receive $250,000 in actual damages and $250,000 in punitive damages.

Dial said that she decided to publicize the case and the dollar amount of the settlement as a warning to others that one can be held liable when spreading lies or hateful messages on social media.